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9 votes
1 answer

What grade of bolts should I use for motorcycle brake hardware?

I'm setting up a motorcycle front end from used parts, and some of the mounting bolts were not included. The same bolt is used both for mounting the calipers to the forks, and mounting the brake discs ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Motorcycle engine mounting bolts grade

I need to decide upon a pair of bolts that will be used on my motorcycle to mount a pair of frame sliders. The already present frame sliders are installed with (supposingly???) 10.9 grade M10x1....
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How to avoid breaking rusty bolts?

Recently I've been dealing with some bolts that broke when I tried to disassemble part of the brakes on my car. Soon I'll also have to do the same service on the other side, and I also need to change ...
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Courses of action after having started to strip the threading on a bolt

I over-tightened the following bolt on my metering assembly. The bolt now looks like this — you'll notice that it isn't too damaged but I've certainly done some damage. I am tempted to simply order ...
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