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Can a "punctured" plastic bumper be repaired?

My dad's car was hit in a parking lot and there are 2 holes or "punctures" in it from the numberplate bolts on the offending car. The holes are about 10mm (.4 inch) diameter. I've used ...
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fixing a hole in a bumper cover

I have a crack in the bumper cover of my car (photo below) that I would like to fix myself. This is my first car, and I have no prior experience of car body work. Because of this and financial ...
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choosing between the many ways to fill exterior trim holes

Deleting exterior trim mounting holes on a car body means bodywork and paint. Before that happens, there are at least five possibilities, and probably more, for how the holes can actually be filled: ...
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What's the best body filler to paint a car

I want to fix some small scratches on my car can you give me some guidance on how I should proceed? These are my scratches. Rear bumper Door handle Front bumper. Here the plastic has a deep ...
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When spraying a part of a car, how do you avoid 'cut off lines'?

The corner of my rear bumper is chipped and cracked. I sanded it down, applied filler, undercoat and paint. It looks fine but I can see a little line where I masked off the area. Are there any tips ...
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2 answers

Minor body rust sanding and repair

I had a minor accident a little over a year ago, the damage from which I did not immediately repair so a paint scratch has corroded over time. Finally, I'm getting the time to fix it. My questions ...
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Paint peeling around body filled area 6 months on

I sanded and filled a dent in my cars plastic/foam bumper, applied primer and factory matched auto paint. This worked and look fine for about 6 months. Today I noticed the paint around where the ...
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