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Cylinder head and block replacemnt

Wonder if you could help. I have a 1988 fiat ducato highwayman. My motorhome was taken into an expert engine services garage. The original problem was cylinder head gasket. The garage removed the head ...
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Chevy 327/350 block

I’m wanting to swap a 305 with a 327 in an El Camino, had a 68-69 327 long block but the block turned out to be cracked so I kept the crank (2 piece rear main seal), pistons, rods and heads from it ...
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block test positive but leak down doesn't find any issue

My Jeep has been losing coolant before and after replacing a leaky radiator. block test proved positive for combustion gases but the dealer doesn't find an issue with leak down test. there is not ...
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Is this engine block salvageable?

My 1991 Toyota Starlet, EP81, 2E was run into the red and the radiator exploded. The head gasket was actually blown long before this point, but I only realised the symptoms after this catastrophic ...
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Honda civic 03 overheating, checking the cylinder head and block for cracks?

I have 150k on my 03 Civic it has overheated several times. I can drive the car around town without it overheating, but when I drive it on the highway for an hour and it will overheat. I thought I had ...
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Cracked block - replace just the block

I have a GM 350/5.7 marine petrol engine. The block has a large crack due to freezing. The engine itself doesn't have that many hours on it, so the other parts should be quite OK. Is it possible to ...
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