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A subcompact economy car manufactured by Volkswagen from 1938 to 2003. It's been revived as the "New Beetle."

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Are these holes at the bottom of a 1965 VW Beetle Fuel Tank part of its design? Does something go there?

Hi there, I have a 1965 VW Beetle (in Australia) that I am trying to repair. To get it running, it just seems that I just need to repair two holes at the bottom of the fuel tank (it is leaking petrol/...
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VW 1978 beetle not starting - possible distributor issue

A few days ago my car could not start, about an hour later it work perfectly. Our neighbour who own one himself took a look and said that I need to change the distribution cap and rotor which I did. ...
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Why do my windshield wipers fail randomly when turned on?

My car is a 2008 Volkswagen Beetle (US model). Most of the time, the windshield wipers work just fine, including intermittent mode. However, when turning them on, there is a 20-30% chance that ...
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2001 VW TDI New Beetle after refrigerant added, car has an on and off pulsing vibration. the ac is on and off as well and the acceleration falters

After my husband added coolant to my VW AC, that same night a rumbling vibration started (sounds like under the hood) - on/off on/off. It stays on when idle. (Manual transmission) Now the AC is ...
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04 vw beetle starting problem

This used to happen when the car was warm but now it happens all the time. When I go to start the car it just keeps turning over and does not start but I take the key out and try again and sometimes ...
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My 2000 VW Beetle won't accelerate but the RPM skyrockets?

I just purchased a 2000 Volkswagon Beetle and it was by all accounts a good deal. Everything seemed in order, I even had my mechanic look it over before I purchased it. It' s been a few days and now ...
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Manual release of fuel door on 1998 VW Beetle

My daughter bought a ‘98 Beetle as a project car. The previous owner cut a number of wires and portions of the chassis electrical system don’t work, like the fuel door release and the power windows. ...
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how do i put a mileage 'block' on the obd11 connector?

how do I stop my vehicles data from being transmitted to the obd11 connector under the dash, is there a single pin that can be removed/disconnected that will do this? (VW new beetle 2001)
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Shifter cable. VW New Beetle 1998

How do I physically put my 98 VW Beetle into 3rd gear? The shifter cable broke and I need to put my car in my garage and can't push it up hill.
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2005 Volkswagen Beetle Alternator cable and fuse box replacement

On fixing the problem of the fuse box getting hot and melting one guy recommended putting a 4 gauge cable from the alternator to the fuse box. Isn't there a wire harness that goes from the alternator ...
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Strange oscillating sound when decelerating

I got a VW New Beetle 2000 with a 1.9 TDI ALH engine. The gearbox is a 02J/EBJ. The car is 19 years old and odo shows 232400km. There is a strange sound for a very very long time, it was already the ...
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2008 VW Beetle water pump maybe

She let it get very hot! When my husband got there, it was very smokey under the hood! We pulled it home and it sat for a few days. When you put water in the reservoir, it drains out immediately on ...
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Replacing lock cylinder and ignition starter switch but what about codes/keys? [closed]

I have a question about a 2008 Beetle, 2.5l , SE We need to replace the lock cylinder and ignition starter switch. The place is asking us about 460$ in labor, and the parts are almost 300$. We ...
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1998 VW Beetle - Clutch and Electrical Issues

I have a 98 VW BEETLE. I had to change my clutch all the way from the master cylinder to the clutch pedal. Still have no clutch. Then when I tried to start my car all the lights come on even radio ...
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VW Beetle Distributor Identification/Timing Specs

Can anyone tell me what kind of distributor this is? I'm specifically trying to find out what the timing specs are. I was told it is electronic. I had a mechanic a while back tell me it needed to have ...
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1968 Beetle How to adjust adjustable beam

I had the shop install an Airkewld adjustable beam on my 1968 Beetle. How do I now adjust the height of my car? Airkewld seems to have a few how-tos but they're not well written and apply to a ...
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1968 Beetle Front Shocks (Koni)

What are the correct size Koni front shocks for a 1968 Beetle at stock height? I purchased the (red) Koni D 80-1787 which Koni's site recommended as a stock shock replacement. My mechanic says ...
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1968 VW Beetle Steering Shaft/Box Slip

On my more-or-less stock 1968 Vw Beetle...why is the steering wheel slipping (to a new position) in reference to the wheels...after installing (two) new TRW steering boxes? I had the shop install a ...
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Fuse box above battery melting

I have a 2001 VW Beetle which has a nasty habit of melting the above battery high voltage fuse box. I've replaced it three times already and replaced the alternator as well, but I'm at a complete loss ...
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1974 VW Bug Headliner

I drive a '74 Volkswagen Super Beetle and I just replaced the headliner. I used the suggested glue and the roof clips but it will not stay up in the back and is beginning to come down in the front. ...
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Can the catalytic converter from a 2005 VW Beetle be used in a 2004 VW Jetta?

Someone I know just seriously damaged their 2005 VW Beetle and it may not be worth fixing (drove over a divider and at least broke the transmission). The car has approximately 34k miles on it, if I ...
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Can the crank be removed from a 1999 beetle without engine removal

Spun the rod bearing. I dropped the oil pan and found the affected rod. I disconnected the rod. If I can remove it and have the journal turned or replace it, it would be more work but less money than ...
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