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2000 Ford Taurus ABS reluctor ring grinding on lower ball joint

My Taurus started to make a grinding noise in the front. When I looked at it I could see the ABS reluctor ring was grinding on the lower ball joint. My plan is to replace the axles/reluctor rings, but ...
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Is it normal for the excess part of the protective boot to be cut off after pressing in new ball joints?

I'm installing some new SKF aftermarket ball joints on my Civic. The ball joints have some excess bit of the protective boot protuding from behind the clamp spring that holds the boot in place: As ...
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How can a bad lower ball joint cause the car to suddenly veer off course?

My car, a 2002 Ford Escape, suddenly veers off course when I'm driving. When you take the front passenger side tire off there is a lot of play around the stearing knuckle. I don't see any obvious ...
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The wrong control arm for my 2002 Honda Civic?

I have a Civic Hatchback produced in Great Britain in 2001 (living in France). Since I replaced the control arms in 2014 I have had strange problems: I needed to install a washer between the ...
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