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Questions tagged [backfire]

A back-fire or backfire is an explosion produced either by a running internal combustion engine that occurs in the air intake or exhaust system rather than inside the combustion chamber

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Ongoing issues with erratic idle, stalling, and backfiring

I'm experiencing a problem with my 2002 Honda Accord EX 2.3, 4-cylinder. Upon starting, the idle RPM intermittently fluctuates above 1 and drops, and when I drive, it struggles to go beyond 3 RPM, ...
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LS1 pops, doesn't start

I've been working at an LS1 conversion into a 1983 Jaguar XJ6 for a good while now. It has a standalone loom from 12volt Customs (which they said they tested before shipping), controlling everything ...
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Burnt valves, '08 Mercury Mariner 3.0 V6, similar to Ford Escape

Seeing if anyone else has ran into this problem on a Ford 3.0 V6? It's an '08 Mercury Mariner, 150K miles. Well maintained. High quality synthetic oil used in engine. Almost if not the same as a Ford ...
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2004 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Liter Hemi 4x4 Automatic cranks, but won't start

I was driving 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Liter Hemi 4x4 Automatic and it just died on me as I was going down the road, before I could get it parked, so I put it into neutral and I tried to start it ...
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Dodge Ram truck backfired and died after fueling

We got gas and right after we pulled out of the station the truck backfired sputtered and died. We kept trying to start it back when it finally started it backfired sputtered and died again. What can ...
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Rebuilt engine: "sucking" noise at cranking and deacceleration backfiring

This is a small Fiat 500 (classic), two cylinders, air cooled engine I have partially rebuilt. The person that previously touched the engine said changed the distribution sprockets and chain, so I ...
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Harley Davidson clattering noise from engine, backfire and failure to start

Harleys are notorious for valve noise or clicking from exhaust, so when my 2011 Ultra with 110 Screamin' Eagle started clattering a bit more than usual I didn't worry too much, but then a few miles ...
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Pocket bike issues

I have recently just bought a new pocket bike for very cheap, it came with no warranty. It is a 50cc 2 stroke pull start with no gears or clutch. It worked perfectly when i first got it (a few days ...
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Low Power Even at Max Rev

I have a 200cc motorcycle which i use for daily ride to my work for just around 20 minutes only. I always had this problem of having low power after I decelerate using engine brake. Here is the ...
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Exhaust backfire on reductions/engine braking

I've recently acquired a 2001 Corsa Milenium (a Brazillian saloon version of the Opel Corsa B, with a GM 8V 1.0 MPFI engine). It has a performance air filter (which I plan on replacing with the ...
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ignition coil or cam sensor or pcm making misfire in exhaust possibly?

I am not able to get the jeep to the auto parts and get it's diagnostic but I'm wondering if the coil pack could be my problem? I've tried to deduce the misfire for days and have read and tried ...
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Backfire on a 1996 CBR 900RR with new spark plugs

I have a 1996 CBR 900RR and have put new spark plugs in and now it backfires when I let off the throttle and the motor is winding down. It also does it when in neutral and seems to be revving high ...
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97 Yukon 5.7 Backfired with smoke inside the car, now idles really badly

I have 1997 GMC Yukon. 5.7 litre. I started it this morning and it sounded like a gunshot. Smoke came into the vehicle and the PCV valve and one other sensor that plugs into the valve cover(s) were ...
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1600cc VW Aircooled Engine Backfires with no power when hot

I'm working on a custom built trike based on a 1600cc Air-cooled VW engine. I'm a specialist auto-electrician and these engines are a bit before my time so I'm struggling to work out what is wrong. ...
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Jeep engine issue

I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty. It backfired really loud this morning and now when I try to start it it runs for about 2-3 seconds at 6,000 RPM's and dies. Does anyone have any theory's as to why ...
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Truck misfires/backfires/shakes/loses power when cold

I have a 2003 Dodge Dakota and before the engine warms up it will misfire backfire have low power and sometime shake when accelerating or going up a hill. after it warms up it doesn't do any of this ...
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THAT Solstice - What causes an exhaust back-fire?

I had some oh-so-wonderful hesitation and an exhaust backfire this morning. The car wasn't really up to temp - it had been running for about 15 minutes and it's ~68F this morning. Some potential ...
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Tuning an ancient carbureted Honda motorcycle

I was in an accident recently. Tboned by a minivan at an intersection. Totaled my nice bike. My buddy gave me an old rust bucket he had laying around just to get me to work for a few weeks until I ...
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Ford 460 Does Not Start Only Backfires When Cranking Over

I have a Pioneer Jet Boat with a Berkeley Pump attached to a Ford 460 big block. The 460 has a Holley carbureter, and Basset water-injected headers. The engine was running fine until one day when ...
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Change in exhaust note after extreme backfires--what did I break?

I had quite a morning with my 1986 BMW K75 this weekend. The plan was to ride the bike to a friends house to store it for the winter. The weather was pretty cold on this particular morning, perhaps 15*...
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