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The way that the manufacturer of any given vehicle determined to engineer it.

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Is there any advantages of the mounting side (left or right) of the motor in a FWD vehicle?

Almost every FWD I have dealt with has the engine on the left side and the transmission on the right. Hondas with the D17 Engine has it the opposite which made me curious. Does the mounting side of ...
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Why is rain not a consideration for sedans' rear windows?

I recently bought a new car and was very surprised to find that it has no rear windscreen wiper. On further investigation, I discovered that in general, car manufacturers only include rear wipers on ...
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Help with Vehicle model?

Need help in identifying this 3 wheeled model. Thanks!
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Regulation if stop lamps may require an activated ignition or not

Where can I find a regulation for Europe or Germany, if stop lamps may require an activated ignition or not? I saw that the stop lamps of some cars are still fully functional without the ignition key ...
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Hybrid car design: simplifying the gasoline motor

Although in the popular mind a hybrid car is a gasoline car with an electric motor, I imagine that there's some space for simplifying the design of the gasoline motor, once you have the electric once. ...
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What makes Maseratis and Aston Martin motors sound the way they do

It's clear these manufacturers design their motors to sound good and the buyers expect them to sound like they sound. But mechanically, how do they manage to have such a distinct sound? Could other ...
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Which components of this Kia Sorento are the circled?

I would like to know what these components are?