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Car won’t start despite a jump

2010 Ford Fusion SEL Been having some troubles with my car lately, following a multitude of things (including a missing undercarriage cover while it was insanely snowy, and -25C weather). It’s been ...
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Why does my cars rpms drop to idle when not pressing accelerator?

Context: I have an old (1994) diesel van. It has a transmission computer, and not an engine computer. It's not OBD2 compatible, so it's mostly just simple sensors and whatnot. From my recollection, I ...
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How does a modern automatic transmission know you're on a ramp? (making "1, 2" unnecessary on modern transmission)

I haven't rented a car in a while, and those are the only times when I drove cars with automatic transmission. In the past I always saw "1" and "2" on the shifter. If you're going ...
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