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An Italian motorcycle and scooter manufacturer.

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Can a altered curve of spark plug finger break the engine?

I own a quite old motorcycle - Aprilia 125 Pegaso and recently it stopped working, I figured out it could be the spark plug so I cleaned it and it started throwing sparks again but stopped working ...
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Scooter shutting down after letting off full throttle

So i have Aprilia Leonardo 125 and i have this weird problem with it. It starts normally and i drive it for as long as i want on half throttle or for a shot period of time on full throttle, but if ...
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Aprilia Pegaso not starting

My Aprilia Pegaso 650 has suddendly decided, a few days ago, not start anymore. I'm trying to figure out the problem, but I'm short of a tech manual and tools, too, so I'm a little impaired here. The ...
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Scooter 49cc trouble starting at morning

I was wondering why my scooter (Aprilia 49cc) is having trouble with starting at morning, To make this easy to understand : - I only have one shot with start bottom, first attempt, my scooter start, ...
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3 votes
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How to change oil in Aprilia Atlantic 500?

I am about to change oil in my Aprilia Atlantic 500. I don't have a manual (BTW I am looking for one). How do I change oil?
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2009 Aprilia RSV1000 - Piggy Back ECU, Should I get one?

I have an Aprilia Tuono, 2009. It seems to run lean after putting an Akrapovic exhaust on it. It makes exhaust popping sounds on deceleration. My boyfriend said I need a power commander on it to ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Aprillia Pegaso 650 won't start after cleaning carbs, what might be wrong?

I have a 1999 Pegaso 650 which has been sitting idle for about 7 years. The carbs were quite bad shape when I got it. The first time I cleaned the carbs I was able to get the bike started but it was ...
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