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Ford F150 2009 will not start!! (Has power)

Last update: we got our truck back and it was that someone who had checked about the lights "accidently" changed fuses out of place and some went missing. It works now. Update 2: We gave up ...
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Vehicle Theft Detected

Looking at engine codes on 2012 Mazda 3, there is something odd: P1260:00-22 theft Detected, Vehicle Immobilized P0138:00-28 O2 (oxygen Sensor) circuit high voltage (bank1, sensor 2) Vehicle starts ...
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Acura MDX 2014 - exit anti theft mode (unpaired keyfob)

Problem: car stuck in anti-theft mode while trying to start it with unpaired key. I've changed keyfob battery, which unpaired the key, pairing key put the car in an anti-theft mode. Tried: ...
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What are these square shrouds over these towbar nuts?

I want to remove the towbar from the van I've just bought to increase ground clearance. Done one side, and then discovered these on the other side. Not attempted to do anything with them yet - what's ...
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2000 Silverado 4.3 l . New pcm. Came programedand plug in play. Ihave a delco anti-theft strereo

Before I try to start it. It’s loc mode. I found out 3yrs. Had to put in a fuel pump. Stereo locked up. Got a Haynes book on the truck. Anytime the battery is disconnected you have to disable stereo. ...
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