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Can I replace a broken power antenna with a generic one?

I have a 1988 Accord. The power antenna is broken. The motor still works but the antenna doesn't raise or lower. I'm assuming this is due to the 'cable' in the antenna being broken or worn. Just ...
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Car Radio Antenna

Car radio antenna 1 What could be the ideal location for installing Car radio antenna? 2 Can there be advantages of fixing more than one Car radio antenna?
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Can I use a CB antenna for a radio antenna?

I'm looking for a stronger antenna for a 2006 Silverado, and my mechanic wants to put a factory antenna in it, but I'm looking for an amped antenna in it. What should I be looking for if I want to ...
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What factors are considered when positioning a car radio antenna?

There are several places where car manufacturers place the radio antenna. Some very cheap cars place it at the top of the windshield, inside the car. Other cheap cars place it in the front section of ...
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Sirius radio location

Where do I find the sirius xm receiver in a 2014 silverado 1500?? I am getting an error message "no signal, signal may be blocked"? I want to check the antenna connection and I am having trouble ...
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Do I need a DAB ariel/antenna when installing a DAB radio in an older car?

I have a 1991 Mazda MX5, currently in the UK and considering adding a DAB radio before moving to Switzerland. Do I also need to install a DAB ariel/antenna ?
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