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The point at which air enters the intake tract of a motor vehicle or stationary engine

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1991 BMW E30 - knocking when put into 1st

I knew I had a minor vacuum leak, but it got worse all of sudden while at a stoplight. In trying to get through to the next block, the engine started to knock. (My guess is preignition thanks to the ...
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P0101, Negative LTFT, Low MAF at idle after Short Ram Intake install 2016 Mazda 6

Installed a Short Ram Intake setup in a 2016 Mazda 6 2.5L, basically a replacement of the stock air intake system and I am now getting a P0101, weird performance stuff, and weird fuel trims. Fuel ...
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What is the glue called sealing the joint between the air box and carb boots on motorcycles? What's an alternative?

I've got two older motorcycles, one 1992 and the other 1997. They've both got specifically shaped airboxes, and both connect to the carbs through four rubber boots, similar to those that go between ...
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What is this connection on the air intake right before the turbo?

This is the engine bay of a Citroën C5. I would like to know what the connection indicated by the red square is for. I removed the air duct once to check the EGR valve and there was a little oil ...
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China yy50cc qt-6 scooter fires up but when throttled it will choke out and stall

I can't get it to fully open wide and run. 2013 model, any help would be great. P.S. had a 80 cc modification done and also the jets were upgraded as needed. I'm thinking all my air hoses are out of ...
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1.9 TDI Skoda Octavia estate with Multiple faults

I recently took my Skoda into the main Skoda garage to get some minor issues fixed, such as the cigarette lighter not working in the front for my satnav, a flashing orange coil light on the dash[for ...
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2006 Honda Civic hybrid low idle

I changed my air intake and everything seems fine except I noticed my idle is below zero rpm now the car feels fine. Is the car not use to the normal amount of air it's getting now? It seems to be ...
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Could a vacuum leak cause a drop in manifold absolute pressure?

I've been doing some reading and speaking to a mechanic trying to diagnose a hesitation and rough idling issue. I think I've ruled out a vacuum leak by spraying flammable gas around the seals and not ...
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Driving through a puddle

I have already asked a question on this board but I have another question. Sorry I am not good with cars so I don't know the lingo.I have a 2017 Chevy cruze. I drove through a deep puddle at about 40 ...
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Calculate Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure from MAF Engine using OBD Data

I need to calculate Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure from OBD Data. I have Toyota Corolla GLI 2010 Model. This car has MAF engine which does not return Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure. Where'as I ...
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Is a snorkel sufficient to ford big puddles?

Hypothetically - if the extreme rains and weather continues, would fitting a snorkel be sufficient to allow my ICE car to ford deeper water (assuming that the road is intact of course). I am ...
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How to resolve P0456 OBDII code?

What 3 things and in order can I DIY for p0456. Hard start after fueling every time and irregular idle when stopping at lights. P0456 and no other indicator lamps coming on. Didn't replace gas cap.
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Water/Solvents sprayed into running intake to clean carbon deposits?

Recently performed a top engine cleaning using seafoam. After reading about this more, learned this isn't new, and variations such as using water instead have been around for a long time. Interested ...
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2017 Subaru Legacy Air Intake Removal

I'm trying to remove the grey knob. Sorry, I'm pretty new to cars not sure what that piece is called as I'm trying to clean the throttle body and the air intake is in the way. I tried using various ...
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Can I remove my air box and maintain engine characteristics?

I have recently purchased a Yamaha XSR900. I love pretty much everything about the bike, but I am planning a bunch of customizations to make it my own. Mostly cosmetic. Some not so much. One of the ...
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Cranking start from time to time on a VW Golf mk4

My VW Golf mk 4 has been cranking from time to time for the last 2 or 3 years, or perhaps a little bit more. It's not something that always happen and I believe that it's specially prone to do it when ...
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Diesel intake heater DIY

I am the owner of an older 3.0 liter diesel car and winter mornings are quite painful for both me and the car. Even though thermostat is fine, heating takes forever. I know diesel only heats up while ...
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Air filter for 1.4 tdci Ford Fiesta

i have a 1.4 TDCI Ford Fiesta mk7 and I would like to know if I can install a cone shaped air filter in this engine in order to have a little bit more sound without looking too "showy". My ...
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