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A filter used to reduce particulate count in air prior to air entering the throttle body or carburetor of an internal combustion engine.

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What are the benefits and drawbacks of foam and paper air filter elements?

Cars typically use a paper air filter. Small engines vary: for example my emergency power generator uses a single foam air filter element that is supposed to be oiled, but my lawnmower has a paper air ...
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How to cover up this vent at the bottom of my windshield?

Here's the part that I am trying to describe: Why I would like to cover this up is because my car is parked outside ...
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High rpm on neutral but flatting the gas pedal while on D doesn't increase the rpm

Lately and before this problem occurs I have started hearing some noises when the rpm gets to 3k ~ 4k when accelerating on the first gear, my car is automatic but I hear that noise only when starting ...
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What does code P0401 mean?

I own a 2006 Malibu Maxx 3.5, last night a neighbor replaced my air filter, and after I went no more than two miles the check engine light went on . I will add that the filter was dirty but nowhere ...
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Ticking sound when stopping (for example at a traffic light or stop sign) and driving off again

I took my Hyundai accent in for a battery change the guy was quite rough when he was putting the battery in, so far so that he was weighing down on the air filter cover and trying to push the air ...
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Can I remove my air box and maintain engine characteristics?

I have recently purchased a Yamaha XSR900. I love pretty much everything about the bike, but I am planning a bunch of customizations to make it my own. Mostly cosmetic. Some not so much. One of the ...
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Car engine got wet through low water pass - any potential unseen damage?

Last night it was raining hard. There was a bridge that was flooded but I couldn't tell because the ruler marker sign was knocked down. As I approached it the car got deeper and deeper into water. ...
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Air Filter made car quiter

Civic coupe vti 99. Just removed the old man filter which had dirt and debris etc for another cheap £6 filter and the car got quiter. I’m just wondering if the quietness be because the new filter isn’...
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Air filter for 1.4 tdci Ford Fiesta

i have a 1.4 TDCI Ford Fiesta mk7 and I would like to know if I can install a cone shaped air filter in this engine in order to have a little bit more sound without looking too "showy". My ...
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How do I fix the error code P2002 which is caused by filter or sensor in the exhaust of the car?

Do anyone know that how to fix this code?