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The study of how air moves around objects. Usually in reference to minimizing the drag produced on the object in question.

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What are the benefits of lowering a vehicle for racing

Lowering a vehicle affects many aspects related to suspension geometry and aerodynamics. I am trying to understand these phenomena better. Note that although my question sounds like an opinion, it's ...
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What are these metal pieces on the roof?

My 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric got 2 of those on the roof: I can't find anything on internet about what it is since I don't know the name and what to look for on Google. So what's the name? What's the ...
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ECU shielding/ Highway driving

Ok, two qs I was wondering about (completely unrelated): How are ECUs and electronics shielded from all the heat that a car generates, especially when the car is driven in hotter climates (i.e Middle ...
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Are there any methods to figure out how aerodynamic a race car is without a Cd number?

For the top speed of a car, I believe it's usually limited by drag and horsepower. However, I've also learned that gearing can affect the top speed and acceleration of a car. Are there any methods to ...
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What are these protrusions on lights?

I've seen these small bumps on a number of cars' lights (both front and rear) and was wondering why they are there. The ones pictured below are from a Toyota Auris. Others I have seen are smaller, ...
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Why are hatchbacks and SUVs' rear window vertical, relative to sedans' at around 45°?

I noticed this angular difference while reading these Quora and Reddit posts about why sedans don't have rear wipers, as the aerodynamic reason fails to remove precipitation as efficaciously as ...
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Can this wing damage cause a car to run/move noticeably/significantly different?

Sometimes my car seems to not feel straight, drag to the left, whirl around and not feel as peppy as before. I'm guessing this is due to a needed wheel alignment. However I have been wondering, ...
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Wheel covers for MPG, recommendations

This is more of a pick your collective brain kind of question: I want to create wheel covers for my vehicle, a Civic VX, for increased MPG. I have done some research and what I have found are mostly ...
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Why do hybrids have the aesthetic wheel cover on the body?

I've noticed that the manufacturers tend to cover the rear and/or front wheels on the hybrid models more often than the regular vehicles. Are there practical or functional reasons for the covers? Is ...
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Why is air buffeting worse for most cars with the rear windows than the front windows?

For my third car in a row (2007 Nissan Altima, 2011 Mazda6, 2011 Infiniti G37), I get awful wind buffeting if I open the rear windows a few inches at any speed greater than 40 MPH. But if I open the ...
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Porsche 918 - benefits of top mounted exhaust

Is the Porsche 918 the first production car with a top mount/exiting exhaust system? This article points out that by routing the exhaust up, Porsche was able to equip a completely flat underbelly and ...
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