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Check for functionality of Subaru EyeSight package

I'm purchasing a used Subaru Crosstrek this week. It's a 2017 Sport model with the "Technology Package" meaning it has rear/side vehicle detection (standard on Sport model) plus Subaru's ...
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Need Help Designing A Servo Mount To Turn The Steering Wheel on a Nissan Rogue [closed]

I have a 2014 Nissan Rogue with a broken CVT, so rather than trade it in, I want to use it a test bed for some autonomous driving software. It has a good steering angle sensor, and I already captured ...
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Infiniti active lane keeping inquiry

I own a 2019 Infiniti q60 red sport fully loaded. It seems that the active lane assist basically only works when you are going around 100kh. Can it be recalibrated to work much sooner. My wife's Kia ...
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