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Side indicator blinking frequency changed

Last week I changed the odometer cable on my Honda Activa scooter which involved in removing the connection to my side indicator and headlamp. After finishing off the work I did the connection to ...
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Honda Activa 5g need plenty of kicks even with choke when cold start

I bought Activa 5g a month ago. Since purchase facing cold start issues. My use is very occasional. When I use it regularly, it start with 4-5 kick/self with choke. But when I don't use it for an ...
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bought activa 125 and after 2-3 days new problems start to rise. please help and give solution since im new in this segament

i bought a used activa 125 and after paying and going home i noticed its odometer was not working and was stuck at same kilometers (digital) and neither its speedometer was working. after i reach home ...
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Battery problem in Activa I with in 3 months

Within 3 months Activa I getting battery problem, if Activa not ride for 3 days it's ideal for 3 and more days it's not getting started without kick. It's irritating ,worst scooter . Previously I used ...
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