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2008 Honda Civic - No electrical power in acc position

Vehicle: 2008 Honda Civic Si Crank + Start: Yes Battery: new and charged Alternator: New (problem occurred before new alternator and persists after) PROBLEM: Brought my car in for the airbag recall, ...
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Is a self exciting high output alternator a bad idea?

My vehicle ('12 Accord LX 2.4l) has electronics that are constantly running: Compustar Drone & Compustar EZ-GO It seems as though, the ELD prevent the battery from charging, and simply maintains ...
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12 to 24v charging with isolator

I'm trying to find the best way to charge my 24v solar battery bank off my 12v bus system. The simple way seems to be a step-up converter and a diode, but I'm wondering if I can replace the diode with ...
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Hyundai Coupe 2005 replaced battery and horn, indicators and wipers on constant. will not start

Car wont start after battery replacement. Horn blowing constantly. Also indicators and wipers are on constantly.
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S550 Mustangs - route wire from fuse panel to center console?

Are there any tip and tricks to routing wire from the passenger footwell fuse panel and into the center console? I'm looking to add an accessory that would require a power cord to pop out right below ...
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Car audio settings battery backup

I want to solve a very annoying problem I've had with the last two Sony car audio receivers I've owned. The problem being that days are spent getting all the sound setting perfect to my liking, which ...
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2010 Hyundai Santa Fe push button start no accessories or ignition

I have a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander with push button start. Suddenly it won't turn accessories on (without brake pressed) or start (with brake pressed). Gear shifter is in park. There is nothing ...
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What are these metal pieces on the roof?

My 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric got 2 of those on the roof: I can't find anything on internet about what it is since I don't know the name and what to look for on Google. So what's the name? What's the ...
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everything electrical works until i start my 2003 mercedes C 320

Everything works fine with the key in acc. position, but when I start it every thing stops working. No lights, no radio, no heater, no nothing. Any thoughts?
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Which part is the door chime speaker on a Toyota?

I find this part and it says door buzzer. I'm afraid this is the one that sounds beeping instead of chiming. Additionally, would it chime with the same intervals when connected directly to power? I'...
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