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Does a Car Keep Moving If Neither Accelerator, Nor Brake Is Pressed?

I am not sure if if this is the right forum to ask this, but even my driving instructor cannot give me a clear answer, hence the question. Learning driving on a toyota vios, automatic transmission. ...
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93 Eurovan - Accelerator pedal/stalling issues

Recently picked up a '93 Eurovan Automatic. It has had a couple of issues since I've owned it. Currently driving across the US after being told the van was mechanically alright. There are a couple of ...
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Toyota Corolla revving on its own

My 2008 corolla started revving on its own after I took my foot off the accelerator and felt like it was going to take off on its own. When I pulled over and tried to turn the car off it revved even ...
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What would happen if you pull e-brake and floor the acceleration while driving at speed?

In a Youtube video, a man's gas pedal gets stuck all the way down while driving on the highway at 100 mph. He claims he is unable to put the car in neutral, and refuses to pull the e-brake. He calls ...
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Royal Enfield classic 350 bs6 very low rpm and engine shutting down

My royal Enfield classic 350 bs6 reddit grey vehicle has some engine shutdown problem. Sometimes when I start the vehicle, it was not starting automatically, I need to give some accelerator to get it ...
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What could cause a knocking noise front drivers side?

I have a VW Polo. The knocking noise can be heard from the front drivers side when going at slow speeds. The noise can mainly only be heard when going over any sort of bumps. The knocking can be felt ...
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After starting 2008 Suburu Tribeca, revs drop when idling after tapping on accelerator

After starting a 2008 Suburu Tribeca (automatic), the engine idles at around 1600rpm. Even if I leave it for a few minutes, the revs don't change. But, if I even slightly tap the accelerator, the revs ...
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