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The act of increasing speed over time.

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Rough Low Idle and Engine Shakes, Hesitation and Lack of Power

On a 98 Mazda 626 GF 2L I'm working on the engine seems to shake / wobble for about a second / second and a half when going to WOT from any starting rpm. It also almost sounded like maybe one of the ...
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Accelerator pedal stuck briefly - how to make sure it doesn't happen again?

While reversing into my drive the accelerator pedal briefly got stuck - luckily in the "up" position, not the "down" position, but given the hump in my drive that needs a little gas to get over, it ...
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Poor Uphill acceleration and skipping gears

I have a Honda CBF125cc 2010 model. I have recently tightened the chain and changed the sprockets. In the last couple of weeks my bike seems to skip 4th gear. I can physically move the gear shifter ...
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Opel Corsa D engine issue?

I have a 2011 1.4 petrol Corsa D. When accelerating the car lurches. This doesn't happen all the time and is seemingly random. It may happen when I accelerate from 60 on the motorway back to 70 or 30 ...
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When i step on the throttle, nothing happens, then after a second the car goes

My car is a 1992 Benz 300SE W140 Automatic Transmission, whenever i start the car and put it on D, when i step on the throttle nothing happens (the engine rpm does not increase) then after 1 second it ...
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Toyota Avensis Verso D4-D 2002 after turbo & timing belt replacement drives differently

My Toyota broke down the other day, so there was some major work done on the engine. Not exactly unexpected (the mileage is somewhat high), but the failure was quite spectacular. Turbocharger ate ...
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Can flooring accelarator damage car in any way?

I have a hyundai coupe 2006. Recently I started flooring the accelartor(push pedal right down to floor in an instant) to make car go faster. When I accelerate smoothly and slowly I notice the car ...
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