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What difference between this two 328i?

BWM enjoyers. Looking for 2013 328i as my first BMW. In some advertisements for sale, these cars do not look as cool as in photos from the Internet. Therefore, the question arose: how (besides color, ...
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2013 bmw 328i xdrive tail light seal

I’m taking on water in the lid of my trunk. I investigated and it seams water is coming in through my inner tail lights. I removed the assembly and it appears the corner of the seal on both sides is ...
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2 answers

My 2007 BMW 328i won't start or crank

I am having a problem with my 2007 BMW 328i it will not crank/start but the lights and everything is working. I changed the fuses, starter, radiator, put a new battery in it, and a relay switch. and ...
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BMW 328i 2009 - RPMs Jump when it’s on reverse

My RPMs jump when it’s in reverse. Is this normal? But it stops after a while. I’m just curious.
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2 answers

BMW 328i 2012 black smoke from exhaust

I got my BMW recently where the previous owner did not drive the car for a while not less than 2 month but noticed when accelerating black smoke was coming out of the exhaust should this make me worry
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Car pulls to the right when braking - started after putting jack stand under control arm

So when I jacked my car through a front central jack point, I managed to raise the car high enough to put the jack stand under the designated jack point on the left side of the car but it wasn't high ...
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1 answer

BMW - Reading fault code without OBD reader

OK - this is frustrating. It was dead simple to read the error code on my old 323i using the button on the stalk. I recently bought a 2014 328i xDrive and for the life of me cannot find a way to ...
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