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1995 BMW 325i stalls

My 1995 BMW stalls intermittently when stopped in traffic. First it's like it loses electrical power then engine dies. It starts back up immediately and shows no codes at the mechanic shop. Already ...
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Where to add coolant in a 2003 BMW 325i?

I have a 325I 2003. I wanted to put coolant in my car and I started putting it in the reservoir. But I wasn't sure if that is where i put it so I stopped. Will it hurt if I put a little in the ...
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How to reset airbag system for Bmw 2006 325i e90?

I had an accident and my airbags enabled and i changed airbag unit and now i have some errors for airbag system and seat belts. How to fix them to disappear ?
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Windshield washer fluid won't spray anymore

I have 2003 BMW 325i. The windshield washer won't spray anymore. I checked the windshield washer tank no clogs, checked hoses, the only thing is I don't know how to check is pump if it has one. Can ...
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BMW 2001 325i Wierd fan-like noise in the engine when speeding

So this actually happend a couple months ago, the engine or the front part of the car started to have a wierd noise whenever you exceed aprox 60 km/h or 40 mph, this sounds like if a fan would be ...
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2003 BMW 325i Stalled and wont start

I just purchased a 325i and drove it 3 hours home with no issues. Stopped for gas half way started back up like normal. Parked it at home and this morning it started right up. I came in the house for ...
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I have question about my Bmw 325I 1995 [closed]

Could you use parts from a bmw 325i 1995 on a bmw 318ti 1995
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