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Automatic Gearbox switch with engine off

I have an automatic bmw e90 2005 - 320d. I've been driving it for quite a while now, and few days ago i noticed something which I could not find info, and not certain if is okay. With the car in P ...
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Is it possible to reset a modified Airbag Control Unit to factory default?

I discovered my BMW E46 320d has been in a small crash and the airbag was deployed. The previous owner didn't fix it correctly and reused the airbag and modified the Airbag Control Unit (probably just ...
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BMW E90 318d oil leak

I've recently replaced my splash shield and I found some oil spots on the oil pan. I've tried to look for the highest point where I could find leaked oil and it seemed to be near the oil filter ...
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BMW 320D 2010 hesitating to accelerate while on highway for few seconds

Recently my 2010 BMW 320D had been playing up. Overall performance of the car has been fine. But this weekend it started to struggle to accelerate on the highway for few seconds and was fine ...
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Oscillating - Noise after accident (front left)

I was recently and unfortunately involved in a road traffic collision with a concrete kurb (sidewalk) in my BMW 320d Coupe at approximately 45 mph as I was attempting to avoid another vehicle. I'm ...
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BMW 320d B47 2014+ Did they fix the timing chain failure on the B47?

The 2013 BMW 320d N47 was known to have timing chain failures vs 2014 BMW 320d B47 2014 or newer. Did they fix the timing chain failure on the newer engine B47 (2014 +) ? What to avoid doing in ...
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BMW 3 series 320D ac blowing hot air

It has recently been really hot and to my surprise on the hottest day of the year my ac was not working. I took it to halfords to get the ac recharged however when they attached the pressure gauge ...
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BMW E46 electric headlight leveling

My E46 BMW 320d was recently driven through some water too deep for it. The engine and rest of the car is fine but the electric levelling feature for the headlights has failed. The headlights were in ...
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Is there a way to search music in a 2005 BMW 320D Touring

Is there a way to search music in the BMW 320D Touring menu? I also can't scroll through the music list in a cd/dvd. Only lets me scroll through the songs already on screen. How can i scroll ...
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Engine noise / rattle when clutch is fully pressed [BMW 320d e46, manual]

I have a strange noise, like a rattling/stomping sound at idle, when pressing the clutch pedal. The clutch and the flywheel (DMF), were both changed with new parts. Except for that sound, the car ...
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BMW 320d es auto engine size

I would like to know how to tell engine size of a BMW. I only buy cars a 1.9 litre or smaller engine.
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