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2007 bmw 318i on red temp gauge within 5 minutes of starting

On start up is fine but within 5 minutes on red temp gauge, have checked oil water coolant doesn’t appear to have any leaks
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2009 BMW 328i Crank but Won't Start

2009 BMW 328i (N91 Fuel pump) cranks but wont start, what I have checked thus far: Sprayed starter fuel inside the throttle body and it starts up. Verified proper voltage is being sent to the pump ...
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Urgent! BMW 318i 2007 E90 Heating Up

I've BMW 318i E90 2007 which is heating up after about 2-3 miles and since it has been heating so quick esp in down town and low speeds, I have not had a chance to take it to highways. Now, there are ...
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Car engine is overheating while Coolant Temp Sensor is normal

I bought a BMW 318i and the engine overheated twice so far while the coolant temperature sensor is normal. If we exclude the possibility that the sensor is malfunctioning, what problem would cause ...
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