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A transaxle where only 2 of the 4 wheels are driven by the engine. These can be further characterized as front-wheel drive (FWD) or rear-wheel drive (RWD).

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My (manual) transmission won't engage any gear 1 day after escaping bog

I ended up driving my front wheel drive manual sedan down a road meant for 4wd's due to inadequate signage (and poor judgement on my part). I saw a river and stopped before it, unfortunately the road ...
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Is it harmful if I chose to drive 2WD mode for my 4WD Renault Duster specifically when I am driving in the city?

I got a new Renault Duster 4x4 car 2021, where I have a control with three options: 2WD. Auto. Lock (4WD). Now when I am driving in the city I chose the 2WD, but if I am driving out side the city (...
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Will downsize from 215/65R16 to 205/60R16 cause any issues?

Left front tire blow out. Due for new tires and decided on decent used matching set. Drive home had vibration like balance. Technician said the wheel was not damaged. Also noted the size difference ...
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What are the advantages/disadvantages of the CRV 2WD over the 4WD [duplicate]

I am planning to buy a used (2002-2006) Honda CRV here in Lebanon. I have two options: the 4WD and the 2WD (which have a lower cost than the 4WD) Please can you tell me what are the advantages/...
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Z71 package details for old body style, late 1990s, GMC Sierra

For GMC Sierra pickup trucks back in the old-body style late 1990s (1996, 1997, 1998) (not the new-body-style and more recent from 1999 onwards), what features made up the Z71 package? I always ...
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My AWD car has a FWD option. Why/When would/should I use FWD?

First, it doesn't save fuel. "Auto" mode sends some power to the rear wheels a little, coming from a full stop, even if no slippage is detected, so it gives that nice "RWD push" feel. 2WD mode seems ...
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