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Motorcycle exhaust rattling / clunking / popping / burbling on deceleration

Lately I noticed a change in the sound my exhaust is making when decelerating from ~4000+ revs while in gear with the clutch not squeezed (that would be engine breaking probably). I'm unsure how to ...
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Motorcycle bogs down under load

I recently did a head gasket repair on my 1986 Kawasaki GPZ1000RX and now that everything is back together it starts up fine, idles fine, and revs high without a problem while in neutral, but when I ...
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Engine oil refill volume in Bajaj Pulsar 220

My bike's user manual recommends using 1150ml of "Bajaj 10000" 20W40 1.2 litre engine oil. Needless to say it results in pathetic performance. So I am thinking of switching to Motul 5100 15W40 ; ...
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Can't start a Kawasaki GPX 750

I'm in the process of getting my 1986 Kawasaki GPX 750 back in running condition. The bike was sitting in the garage for two years. In this period it wasn't started even once. Two years ago the engine ...
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How to troubleshoot carburetor?

I am facing poor fueling with my carburetor in my 2011 Yamaha Fz 16. What are there trivial trouble shooting checks I need to do to diagnose the issue?? Edit: When ever I am driving in low RPM, I ...
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Idling issues on 1995 Kawasaki ZZR600

The bike was running rough and could not get a constant idle speed. I checked the air filter and it was pretty well shot (contamination, etc.). As I awaited delivery of the new air filter, as a test I ...
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Yamaha Seca - Motorcycle Idle problems

My motorcycle (1982 Yamaha Seca 650) has had a strange problem with the idle for a few years now. I have not been able to diagnose it and I'm hoping that someone here might be able to help. It starts ...
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Bad pitting on carburetor causing small fuel leak

I have a Motorcraft 2150 carb which has some pretty bad pitting on the main body. The pitting caused like two small holes and is causing fuel to slowly drip. I can only see the holes from the outside ...
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What could be causing strange idling behaviour on twin carb motorbike?

I have a pretty old Varadero. It's a 125cc twin-carb v-twin. I open the choke to start it, it starts first time, warms up slowly (10-15 mins), then when I push the choke in, the idling doesn't really ...
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Is it possible to fit mashroomhead air filter in Honda Stunner CBF 125?

I have Honda Stunner CBF 125 2009 model. I just need to know is it possible to replace the typical air filter with mashroomhead air filter to improve the bike performance? Is there any other way ...
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Is my bike running rich or lean - I have both symptoms

Symptoms of Lean or Rich carb settings on a motorcycle I have a '71 Honda CB350 that is new to me. I recently rebuilt the carbs and replaced the petcock and had it running pretty good for awhile. I ...
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Slight delay in power after rectifier regulator blew

I bought an old Honda Fireblade CBR900 RRX a few years back and it's blown the rectifier/regulator a few times. After a recent investigation I discovered that where it was housed was way too hot (the ...
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93 Eurovan - Accelerator pedal/stalling issues

Recently picked up a '93 Eurovan Automatic. It has had a couple of issues since I've owned it. Currently driving across the US after being told the van was mechanically alright. There are a couple of ...
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