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checking specific gravity of battery fluid reads 1/2good. Should I charge or replace? [duplicate]

battery test says 1/2 good. Should battery be replaced or recharged. Battery is likely 8-10 years old.
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The battery is fine but my car will not start not even a clicking sound

When I turn the key in to start all the lights on the dashboard go out completely and when I turn it back to the off position the dash lights back up. What could the problem be if the battery is okay?
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How do I know if my car battery is dead?

By mistake, I left the headlights on overnight for my Honda Civic 2008. 24 hours later when I tried to start it, the car would not start and nothing would come on including the internal lights and the ...
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How to assess battery charge level and alternator performance?

What diagnostics can be done to to assess battery charge level? I'm interested both in one-off tests like can be done in car service and also continuous monitoring during normal use. Car panels ...
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Car battery dead for a while... now it won't charge?

So, my car battery died 4 months ago while it was unused in my garage during the summer (interior dome light left on for months). I went to jump start it this morning, ran it 20km ( 30 minutes ) to ...
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What's an acceptable battery power drop on light load?

After an overnight rest in the warm weather (above 16 degC), unlocking my 2008 Jetta 2.5L SE, my OEM battery with the minimal "welcome" electronics -- remote open of the driver door a few seconds ...
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Lost electricity to cab and Engine won't turn over

My '94 mazda b4000 recently lost electricity to the cab and the engine won't turn over. I will get in, the seatbelt beeping will start, then that will stop. I will put the key in the ignition and ...
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Battery voltage slightly low. Especially when the car's been sitting for a while

My car is a 2004 Mazda 3. This happened with the last battery I had as well as this newer one. Basically if I leave the car sitting for 2-3 days without driving it, it doesn't have the voltage to ...
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Do I need to replace a battery that failed once but now seems to be testing successfully?

The winter temperatures were very low overnight in the area recently, with a low of -8°F/-22°C. When I went to start my 2007 Toyota Prius that was outside that night, it wouldn't start on its own. I ...
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Alternator vs Battery

I hadn't used my car in a week. Normally it always starts. Then one day after one week it didn't start. I got a jump from my neighbor and i was able to drive around for more than 20 minutes. I stopped ...
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s60 won't start, no lights, nothing at all

I accidentally left my keys in ignition overnight - and now nothing. Have charged battery and tried spare key, but neither fixed the issue.
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2006 Honda Civic Hybrid - instrument panel lights going haywire

My wife has a 06 HCH that we bought from an individual owner January of last year. It's been running fine, until Jan 5th of this year. It seems the IMA battery is degrading, but that shouldn't cause ...
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2001 Sienna Won't Start, Dim Dashboard Lights

My mom's 2001 Sienna won't start. When I try to start the car, I get a very rapid clicking noise. The lights are very dim; in fact, the dashboard lights flicker constantly and are almost going out. I'...
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How do I check that my battery receives enough power from generator?

I suspect that my battery does not receive enough power from the generator. How do I verify that? I know that involves a voltmeter, but what are the exact things I'm measuring and how? I have a Skoda ...
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Slight delay in power after rectifier regulator blew

I bought an old Honda Fireblade CBR900 RRX a few years back and it's blown the rectifier/regulator a few times. After a recent investigation I discovered that where it was housed was way too hot (the ...
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