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Not using antifreeze in warm climates [duplicate]

I am just curious if antifreeze has any purpose in climates where freezing temperatures are guaranteed not to happen. Can 100% distilled water be used just as effectively to cool the engine just like ...
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Just bought a car, engine running hot, found pure water for coolant [duplicate]

Just bought a 01 Galant 128k. Engine seems to get hot quite a bit, approaching the red zone but has yet to overheat. Found pure water in the coolant reservoir. Will draining the water and replacing ...
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can running just water ruin my water pump [duplicate]

I have 2005 Jeep Liberty, the radiator had a pin hole for the last few months i have been keeping water in it, then I had the radiator replaced yesterday and now i have another leak. I took the car ...
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Does the coolant shorten the life of radiator? [duplicate]

My car is running on pure distilled water in its radiator. No winter here, so freezing the coolant wouldn't be a problem. It is running on pure water because I'm the 2nd owner and by the time I bought ...
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What problems can extended use of water as a coolant during the summer months caused by an internal leak [duplicate]

I drive a 1993 Chevy Corsica which has had an internal water leak for 3 years. I am told by mechanics that the water is going into the engine block or that the heater core needs repair. Because I ...
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Leaving car in Lubbock, Texas for 1 month

I am leaving my car (2016 Toyota Rav 4 XLE) to go on vacation. This will be during the winter so December to January. It will be under covered parking, but I am worried about what the cold will do to ...
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What can cause a vehicle to run hot, but not overheat?

Anyway, I have a Grand Am 2003 V6. It only has 80k miles. My car ran great when I got it(used), but at some point it began to have minor temperature problems. It would always run a little bit hotter ...
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Low coolant in freezing weather

I have been running straight water as coolant in my truck. As we have very few days in the single digits, I have had no trouble. However, today dropped to 7 degrees. I allowed my truck to warm up ...
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Golf mk3 TDI has pressure in the cooling system

I have an interesting problem on my VW Golf MK3 TDI. Basically, sometimes the pressure cap on the coolant reservoir lets out some coolant. Here's what I know: It happens when the car is under ...
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How often to put water in coolant

Is it ok to put water in coolant? I live in a tropical country in Burma and i wonder if its ok to put water in a coolant? Also my coolant water fluid does drain every week. Is my coolant functioning ...
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