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What to check when my car has an electrical problem? [closed]

My car is showing an electrical problem (I suspect it is electrical). As an intermediate DIY what should be the first things I check, and how easy is it to check them? I'm thinking of Fuses, Relays, ...
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Electric start isn't functioning anymore

The electric start of my motorcycle isn't working anymore. I can hear a buzzing noise. I can still start it using kick start though. Can it be fixed? Please help!
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Slight delay in power after rectifier regulator blew

I bought an old Honda Fireblade CBR900 RRX a few years back and it's blown the rectifier/regulator a few times. After a recent investigation I discovered that where it was housed was way too hot (the ...
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99 Suzuki Savage 650

I bought the bike used and it had a short in the left control and melted it. I bought a new one and the bike has no power in the run position but in the park position it has break lights. Any ideas ...
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Honda CBF 600: odometer has no reading -- what can this mean?

I'm currently looking to buy a used motorcycle, and today I was inspecting a 2005 Honda CBF 600, whose VIN was: ZDCPC38B05F065417. (I'm specifying the VIN in case it was stolen; perhaps the owner ...
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External regulator just installed and now there is a battery drain that kills my car

My 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee started beeping and telling me to check the battery. So I had the car tested and it said the voltage regulator was bad. The voltage regulator on these Jeeps are in the PCM,...
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My Yamaha cut off while idling and now there is no power

I Started my FZR600 this morning for work. Normal crank. As I lowered the choke it started to die out so I tried to give it some throttle but it didn't help. The bike cut off completely. Checked all ...
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Firing a Coil on Plug

I was wondering if there is a simple way of firing a coil on plug outside of the car. The coil in question is just a two wire coil on plug and I don't know if its possible to just hook up a 12V ...
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How to Test an Ignition Coil with a Multimeter

I have a 98 Mazda 626 GF and I'd like to test the ignition coils with a multimeter to see if any of them are starting to fail. The car has ECU controlled timing / ignition and there are two coils, ...
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How do you test analogue electrical circuits?

When trying to diagnose problems with conventional analogue electrical circuits, such as lights, speakers, heated rear windows, etc, as well as short-circuits and unexplained current draws, it can be ...
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Is there a way to test ignition coils with built-in ICM?

My car's service manual shows this for the ignition coils: What is the ICM? Related to, is there a way to check the coils to see if they are working ...
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