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I put too much oil in my motorcycle, is it going to harm it? [duplicate]

I changed the oil in my 2004 cagiva raptor 125 (transmission) and i put back almost 1 liter of oil. The bike is supposed to have 800ml of oil in it. Is it going to harm it in any way?
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Harley Davidson: Can the engine be damaged by too much oil? [duplicate]

The question is particularly concerned with a Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob Special 2016(103 ci). Before winter season I did all recommended tips to store my bike during the winter, oil change ...
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Too much oil; now white smoke [duplicate]

Ford Focus Sport SVT Manual 5 speed transmission. I think I put too much oil in my vehicle. When I started to drive it there was no issue. After about 10 minutes. I started to see a cloud of white ...
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What happens when you overfill your oil? [duplicate]

So I done recognized my oil was low... cuz on the dipstick, the two lil dots that are cut out of it... well... the oil was clear below both of em... even the LOW one. SO I went and got some STP and ...
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Nissan Almera 2006 Engine Oil Overfilled [duplicate]

Was doing an oil change 2 days ago, have done it numerous times before, for whatever reason, I've overfilled it this time. If I was to put a measurement on it, it's over by about 2-4mm on the max line,...
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What actually happens when there is not enough oil in a car engine?

When a car is topped up with oil, it clear to most people that you are supposed to fill it to the recommended amount as specified by the manufacturer (normally on a dip stick). What exactly are all ...
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How far can I drive with 1 gallon too much oil?

I have way too much oil in my Acura TSX. Do I need to take care of it without turning it on or can I drive it to a service station? If I need to do it in place, I don't have the ramps or a pan or ...
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Excessively over filled motor oil. Ran for a few seconds until smoke came out. Now my car won't start

So last night me and a friend changed the oil on my 2005 Chevy aveo. The only problem was that what we were draining was the transmission fluid and long story short we ended up adding about 6 litres ...
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What is the proper course of action after over-filling oil during an oil change?

Managed a very stupid mistake: changed the oil on my just-purchased '03 Kia Diesel Pregio on uneven ground. The drain plug on it is on the side of the pan, exacerbating the mistake. Initially drained ...
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Does the oil level in my Pulsar 220 FI change the engine sound?

I own a 2009 Pulsar 220 FI. When the engine is cold, the sound of the engine is pleasant. But when I run a few kilometers, the sound becomes harsh. I read that when engine oil gets hot the oil flows ...
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My fiancé has over filled our van in oil

My fiancé has over filled our 2008 Chevy uplander by four quarts of oil. It’s now running very odd and an ass load of very stinky smoke is coming out the exhaust. We don’t have anything to siphon the ...
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