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How do I know when I'm low on oil or need to do an oil change

I own a 06' nissan maxima and I am planning to driving from Missouri to texas and don't know if I should get a oil change. When I check the dipstick, I pull it out and wipe it off, then put it back ...
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Why is this valvetrain pitch-black?

I'm in the middle of an LS1 teardown. Last weekend I removed the valve covers to and found it hard to see anything, as the pictures below will evidence. While I wait for an opportunity to resume the ...
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Garage tech drained oil and forgot to refill. I drove off - what damage could this have caused?

I went to a Quick oil change place, and they drained the oil from my new Fiat 500 and did not refill/replace oil. After I started the car, I drove approx 1/8 mile before engine quit. The car would ...
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Drove with extremely low oil, engine light on [duplicate]

I drive a 2011 Honda Odyssey. The last time I had my oil changed, they neglected to reset the oil change indicator (relevant because I'm assuming it would have come back on sooner when my oil level ...
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8-9 Quarts of oil in engine after adding a stupidly high amount. What kind of damage can I expect?

To preface this, I was a complete idiot. My 2002 Honda Accord was a couple thousand miles over the recommended oil-change period and I was being pestered about checking the oil, as it could be fairly ...
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Rod knock in my engine?

Kindly assist. My 1GFE engine had a rod knock sound and I replaced all the bearings, oil filter, cleaned the sump & strainer and tolled it with brand new fully synthetic oil. The engine ran for ...
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What actually happens when there is not enough coolant in a car engine?

I know that a lack of engine oil can destroy an engine, so I was curious as to whether it is just as bad to drive a car with a very low engine coolant. What is engine coolant? What exactly are all ...
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What actually happens when there is no brake fluid in the brake fluid reservoir?

I was curious, given that fact that a lack of engine oil can completely destroy your engine, can a lack of brake fluid completely destroy your brakes? I can imagine how that could be even worst than a ...
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What actually happens when there is way too much oil in a car engine?

I saw the answers to a question I posted recently highlighting the disadvantages of having too little oil in an engine, but that got me wondering what if the complete opposite were to occur! I know ...
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What exactly is meant by "engine coolant"?

I know that engine coolant is a fluid in the engine used to dissipate heat spots and keep the engine cool in general as the moving parts generate heat. In this context, I would call the oil an "engine ...
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How exactly does an increase in engine temperature cause a car to breakdown?

I have an engine temperature gauge on the dashboard of my car (as most people do), but if for some reason the engine temperature is caused to increase (due to a lack of cooling or what have you), the ...
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