I have a pulse repair battery charger 12v and it's says it can only charge lead acid batteries, I also have an AGM battery in my motorcycle and wanted to know would the charger work on the AGM battery or do you need a special charger.

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While you could possibly use this charger on an AGM battery, I'd highly recommend against it. The main purpose of a pulse repair battery charger is to reduce/repair sulfation in a battery. While this can occur in an AGM battery, the likelihood of it happening is a lot less than in a regular flooded battery. Due to this, the pulse charger probably isn't going to do what it is intended to do. Secondly, if the charger says you shouldn't, it's probably a good idea you don't. If the charger has a pulse mode and a separate charging mode, I would be more inclined to suggest it might be okay. Regular battery chargers aren't the best for AGM, but will work. Realistically, you should be using a charger which has an AGM mode built into it.

  • Hi so would you say it would be better to use the charge setting and not the repair setting? Would it work just to use charge setting and charge it?
    – Rick Morty
    Commented Apr 8 at 15:35
  • @RickMorty - I mean, you can do anything you want with your charger and batteries. If your charger does not have a specific AGM mode, I'd get one which does. Commented Apr 8 at 16:26

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