Škoda Rapid (2019) 1.0 TSI shows these three trouble codes on OBD diagnostics. Check engine light is glowing, start-stop shows an error, engine performance seems unchanged.
Internet search suggests engine error is caused by the faulty vacuum sensor.

01 Engine: U041600 - Invalid Data Received From Vehicle Dynamics Control Module
03 Brakes: C10A301 - Vacuum sensor Electrical error
19 Gateway: U140600 - Static current too high

How could this be connected to the Static current too high? All three errors firstly appeared when dashcam was left forgotten on in the car. Could that have triggered the problems? What would the mechanism be? How are these three linked together?

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The cause was wires to vacuum sensor bitten through some animal. This would explain the first two. My guess for the last one is that as the wires were freely dangling they could randomly connect between each other causing short circuit.

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