Not a one that's completely dead, but say an AGM battery that's at 75% and I want to top it off before trying to use it again. Can I use a regular lead acid battery charger? Do I have to worry about if the charger has a desulfation circuit (which they ALL seem to now, I couldn't find one without, I know they're death to Li-Po batteries)?


You don't need to worry about the desulfation circuit, although there are mixed reviews about how effective they are.

However, AGMs are more sensitive to overcharging than a standard SLA (sealed lead-acid) batteries. Actually, it's not the main charging cycle that is harmful, but the float-charge cycle that is used to top them off. If you are getting a new charger, make sure it has a setting for AGM batteries.

More detailed information can be found here.

Good luck!


AGMs only charge to 12.8 volts. Most lead acid battery chargers go to 13.5 Volts. This will damage an AGM battery. You need a charge controller that allows you to control the maximum level.

  • That doesn't make a lot of sense as that means you couldn't use an AGM in any standard car as they charge at 14 volts... Jan 4 at 11:41
  • According to Australian 4WD Action magazine the answer is to use a DC to DC convertor that matches voltage to the battery type. It has the advantage that you can add solar panels later as well.
    – Noel Quinn
    Jan 7 at 0:20

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