I have a Chevrolet suburban 2008 1500 with a 5.8L V8 engine. Can you describe with pictures where the PCV valve is, and how to check and replace it? I suspect it to have failed. Some have said it’s on the back of the left valve cover facing the front of the car (I.e. The corner closest to the passenger seat), but there is nothing there. Does this engine not have a PCV system?

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It should be located in the driver's side (left) valve cover towards the rear, pointing just about straight up. There should be a hose which is attached to it and plumbed into the intake manifold (IIRC). Whatever you're looking at (I really can't tell) does not look like the PCV at all.

Here's an image of the driver side valve cover (from RockAuto.com). If you were looking over the fender on the driver's side, this is what you'd see (with a bunch of coils and wires on top):

enter image description here


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