My 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee started hesitating when accelerating, but only after the engine warms up. The testing tool says it's a cylinder 2 misfire. The mechanic I want to take it to is 100 miles away...is it safe to drive it there, or will that cause any damage?

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You will not cause any damage to the vehicle except you'd need to disconnect the fuel injector wiring on the misfiring cylinder. If you do not do this, you'll be pouring unburnt fuel into that cylinder for the whole trip. This will get in your oil thinning it out which if bad enough could cause internal damage to the engine due to lack of lubrication. The excess fuel will also pass through to the catalytic converter which will become super hot trying to burn off the unburnt fuel. This will not only damage your catalytic converter, it could also potentially start a fire in your car.

If you do not know which cylinder is misfiring or how to disconnect the fuel injector, I'd suggest you have it towed.


In addition to the problems paulster2 cited in his Answer, it should be stated that spraying fuel into a misfiring cylinder where it won't be combusted properly is called "washing" the cylinder. It will mix with the oil but it will also dilute the oil and de-lubricate the cylinder, causing increased friction and wear between the piston rings and piston walls. This accelerated damage will be most impactful each time you start the car again after parking it, as the oil will have extra time to be washed down into the pan by the gasoline.

You know cylinder 2 is the one that's misfiring, so if your mechanic is really worth driving 100 miles to take the car to him, call him and ask him which one of your cylinders is #2, and how to disconnect that injector.

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