I just replaced the water pump in my 1986 HMC Hawkins Motor Coach. It's got a 454 BBC on the P-30 Frame. With a new starter that was a week old, it refused to start. Turns out it was the solenoid on the starter, so I put a brand new starter in yesterday and it still refuses to start. No click and no Crank. Fuel pump comes on, but nothing else happens.

I'm at a loss....

  • Welcome to Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair! Nov 7, 2023 at 19:04
  • On Chevrolet vehicles, there's a starter relay switch which is attached to the top of the steering column. There is a rod going from the ignition switch down to this. From this switch should be a thick purple wire. This wire goes down to the starter to energize the solenoid, which in turn energizes the starter. IF (and it's a big "if") your motorhome is setup like a Chevrolet, or uses the same wiring scheme, this should be how it is. You can also jump directly from the large post on the solenoid to the small post which has wires going into it to make it turn over manually. Nov 7, 2023 at 19:10
  • We tried to bump the starter last night and it didn't do anything. Nov 7, 2023 at 19:17
  • Did you test the starter before you put it in the vehicle? Nov 7, 2023 at 20:40
  • I did not. Considering that I have gone through four ULTIMA starters in the past year, I wouldn't be surprised if I got another bad one. Nov 7, 2023 at 20:43


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