the battery in my vehicle was manufactured in the 41st week of 2017. I've never had any issues with it. In my online research, many sources say batteries last from 3-5 years, which would make my battery archaic. When I tested it with a multimeter, it read 12.4V with the engine off. I've never had any issues starting the car.

What explains how this battery is still alive despite it's age? Is the 3-5 year age expectancy accurate? Should I replace it? Given how old it is, I have it in my mind that the battery could die suddenly, any day now. What should I do to stay ahead of it's inevitable death?

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If the battery is fine, there's no point in replacing it. 3-5 years is a ballpark value; I've seen batteries last twice that without any problem as well.

Replace it when you get problems with it. If that's impractical, you can ask a workshop to do a load test of it, where they measure the voltage with a load attached. This can show how it deteriorates, so it can potentially be changed before you get problems - if you do the test regularly.

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