really need some help with this as we’re £1000 down & still not fixed ! 2020 f40 1 series BMW Failed the mot as the driver side wing mirror glass smashed & indicator was not working, front & rear indicators working fine but flashing too fast. We suspect it had been hit at some point. Replaced the glass & light section - still no better Checked fuses, when you press the hazards the front & rear indicators were fine , not flashing too fast like they do with the indicator stick.

Mechanic came out & replaced the whole wing mirror, glass & connecting electrics - still not working - he was unable to fix the problem but still charged £790 for the pleasure. The problem is now worse at the whole driver side indicators are not working ! Auto electrician came out today thinking it may just need reprogramming - plugged it in & has no errors etc so nothing he could do.

Pleaseeeeee someone advise where we go from here. We’re stuck with a car with no MOT , majorly out of pocket & with a worse problem than before 😭

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