I have two 1/4" holes in a 3/16" thick steel plate (part of a truck rack). I want to fill the holes with steel, but I don't have a welder.

How can I fill in the holes?

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I can fill the holes with a large sheet metal screw. And grind down both ends of the screw to make it flush with the plate.

The side with the pointy ends of the screws:

enter image description here

The side with the heads of the screws:

enter image description here

The screws were oversized for the hole. It took a lot of force to get the screws into the holes.

I tried using a cordless impact driver to insert the screws, but it wasn't powerful enough. So I used a screw bit with a ratchet instead. That worked well for the first screw. But with the second screw, the head of the screw broke off before the screw was fully inserted into the hole.

enter image description here

Note: I would suggest using a socket-to-screw-bit adapter that is magnetic or snaps into place, instead of a regular 1/4" socket that only loosely slides onto the bit. A proper adapter would have prevented the screw bit from falling out of the adapter, which was a nuisance.

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    This seems like a good short term solution, but I bet overtime they will loosen and fall out. That would be due to both vibration as well as corrosion. A spot of paint might help both conditions. Sep 7, 2023 at 17:52

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