I am changing my van's front seat and I found the bolt in the image.

Bolt with a 12-pointed Torx-like head

I don't seem to find what kind of head it is, nor what tool should I use for it.

Since it has 12 "tips" I'm guessing a big enough torx should work, but I don't have one that is big enough (tried a T45 and was too small)

Any ideas or tips? Thanks!

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The "12 tip" bolt head you are seeing is called a "triple square". These come in bits for the bolt heads like you have and also as a nut which would require a socket to take them off. They are easily confused for torx, but are actually quite different.

Here is the 60850 Lisle set. You can also find an assortment on Amazon.

EDIT: If you don't have a way to get the bits, something else you can do is either use square stock of the right size, or you can take a piece of metal and grind it square, down to the right size to fit into four of the twelve points. It's kind of a hack, but can work in a pinch.

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    Excellent answer. First time I read/hear about this type of bits. Thank you! Jul 6 at 22:23

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