I have a 2015 Toyota Yaris. I've owned it since it was new. There is a small amount of surface rust on my left rear fender:

enter image description here

The right side, on the other hand, is perfect:

enter image description here

Why would there be surface rust only on one side? What should I do about this surface rust?

(I'm in the US, left hand drive, if that matters)

  • Modern cars don't usually rust through the paintwork in 8 years, unless there has been a repair, when the paintwork will almost always be inferior to the factory finish. But as you had the car from new, perhaps the dealer somehow scraped it. One thing to do is to examine the paintwork and its reflections from different directions and in different light to see if you can spot any imperfections. I bought one used car on bright sunny day, looked at the panels and paintwork carefully but it was two weeks before I noticed a colour difference of a rear door, which was noticable only in poor light. Jun 19, 2023 at 19:18

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Scratch out bubbled paint with a nail or other implement. Clean with CLR Pro, treat with rust neutralizer/plasticizer, then touch-up with Dr. ColorChip matched for your vehicle.

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