I´ll need some help with identifying some DTC´s, right front passenger power window got stuck, so I have made some diag checks, I have found this trouble code list but I am lost:

U1507 LIN communication

U1508*4 Power window (DR) time-out U1509*4 Power window (AS) time-out U1510*4 Power window (RL) time-out U1511*4 Power window (RR) time-out

U1534*4 Power window (DR) checksum error U1535*4 Power window (AS) checksum error U1536*4 Power window (RL) checksum error U1537*4 Power window (RR) checksum error

These codes appeared, my question is, when DR stands for driver, RL for rear left, RR for rear right, does AS stands for Passenger? Thanks


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I have found out by searching for trouble codes that DR could be related to Data Register, but somehow I can´t figure out how this can be related to power windows and this still didn´t solved my question, is here someone skilled enough to help me? Thanks


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