I believe Henry Ford was essentially the father of the mass production car. When was the pickup truck invented? Who created the first mass production pickup?


Here is some information from the Trucker Report.

Gottlieb Daimler invented “vehicle no. 42” in 1896. Many truck enthusiasts cite “vehicle no. 42,” a horseless wagon, as the first truck. Daimler’s invention had a 4 horsepower, 1.1 liter, 2 cylinder engine that supposedly hauled 3,300 pounds. Skeptics believe that Daimler over-exaggerated the payload potential of “vehicle no. 42.” Daimler invented a 10-horsepower truck that boasted a top speed of 7.5 miles per hour. These lackluster results rarely convinced businessmen, farmers, and ranchers to turn over their draft horses and wagon for a pickup truck. The earliest factory-built models entered the market during the early 1900s, including the King, Reo, Autocar, and the 20-horsepower Auto Wagon.

After the introduction of mass-produced automobiles, people started to modify their vehicles for enhanced utility. These people stripped off the rear bodywork and mounted open-topped boxes that resembled the first step towards the modern pickup truck. Ford Motor Company capitalized on this concept with the Model-T by offering consumers the choice to add-on a bed. Ford started selling the complete factory-built Model-T Runabout with Pickup Body in 1925. In 1928, Ford introduced the Model-A, a robust alternative to the Model-T pickup truck. The Model-A pickup truck featured luxuries never seen before, such as an all steel cab and roll up windows.

It appears good ole Henry Ford had this locked up as well.

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