I need some help identifying the functions of the pins in my ignition switch. Some time ago my ignition switch started to malfunction. The issues I experienced were failing to switch into the desired mode and bouncing contacts (dash flickering). From the electronics point of view, I understand how undesirable flickering is and how the contact bouncing can over time cause damage or overheating of the terminal. I bought a replacement on eBay. Since it is a cheap variant I tested both to see if I get similar behaviour. I summarised the results below. I am 100% sure that pin 2 is +12V and I am almost certain what the functions of pins 1, 4, and 6 are but unsure about pins 3 and 5. If someone could confirm my assumptions or link some wiring diagrams for my vehicle I would be very grateful.

Pin Colour Function
1 Red Starter
2 Purple [12V] Main
3 Blue Alarm OFF?
4 Green Radio/Fan
5 Gray Dome lights?
6 Yellow Dash/Windows
New switch Old switch
OFF (key out) OFF (key out)
2 - Nothing 2-5
Acc Acc
2-3-4 2-4
2-3-4-6 2-4-6
Start Start
2-1-3-6 2-1-6
OFF (key in) OFF (key in)
2-3-5 2-5


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