Why does my car idle low and sometimes die? I have a 2001 Toyota Camry and sometimes when I go to start it the car doesn't want to stay started and will die.It will only stay started after I rev the engine a few times. It doesn't die at any other time then other when I start it and it's only occasionally not every time. It also seems to have just started with the cold weather. I have only had the car a year and there's a little over 200 thousand miles on it.

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There are any number of reasons that might cause this but I'd start with the simple things.

#1 on my list would be an air leak. Especially with a car this old there may be dry-rotted and/or cracked vacuum lines that are allowing air to enter the intake system where it should not.

#2 would be the throttle body and MAF sensor. Check these, see if you can clean them, replace the MAF sensor.

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