So I had a CURT Class One Hitch Installed and installed a Cold Air w/ Heat Shield AEM Air Intake and plan to put a tiny one piece subunit in the back, plus I have the wiring kit to have a trailer brake light hook up back in the rear. So I removed the old connector, which had some form of small black plastic attached to it(but there was no way a 8 and 10 gauge cable would adapt and I did not see how it was a sensor of any kind, with a connector that has easier inputs for all these powered items. This caused multiple ECU lights on the dash within a few miles and I would just like a way to clear them or buy a connector that replaces what I might have accidently removed? Or the right replacement stock unit that I can wire from the battery, these add-ons?

Thanks so much!

Also for the 2.0l motor, non-turbo, what's a good way to draw some more torque out of this motor? I'm thinking of wrapping the OEM Exhaust Manifold down to the cat with DEI wrap (engine bay temp) and only one axel-back system is offered that I can find (borla) and of course I'm sure that would help with a custom high flow cat(also I do NOT want a loud vehicle(have kids) just need more torque, power, and would like to lift this vehicle 1 inch, permenately, since it has a hitch on it has had power put in, and is more light hauling based. Am also VERY INTERESTED IN the $300 Plug-In Peddle Signal Amplifier, because after flooring it takes a split second to notice and it IS annoying, lol.

I know that is a TON but that is my vision for the 2019 Subaru Impreza HB(I dont think its base, but the version just above.)

Thanks so much for your time and if you can help with ANY of this, that would help A LOT!


  • Welcome to Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair! I'm not really sure what your question is here? Could you detail exactly what it is you are looking to have answered? Nov 18, 2022 at 23:56


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