1993 Subaru WRX

I was doing a canyon drive with mild aggression on the throttle and I had to pee so I pulled over in a pull of and when coming to a stop my car made a very loud whining noise coming from trans/transfer case area. I shut the car off very quickly and it stopped. I drove it away and I stopped later down the road and it did it again and then it started to really worry me. Didn’t do it anymore when I tried to stop and figure it out but then randomly did it at a light when In town. Shut the car off quickly and it stopped again.

Also no it’s not a swap to a wrx it’s imported rhd. It is lowered so idk if that has anything to do with it but it’s leaving me stumpt.

From what I’m seeing I think it’s a throw out bearing but we shall see. I’ll up date later.

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