2010 VW Jetta, 110k miles or so.

I recently had my A/C system looked at. It cycles between cold and warm air when running under normal conditions (and by "warm", I mean the same temperature as the outside air, no cooling at all). I was told there was a bulletin out for my A/C compressor (which is after-market and clutchless) because it doesn't work well. The mechanic said that the cycling between warm and cold output air was due to the compressor being clutchless.

This didn't make sense to me. If my compressor is clutchless and thus always on, shouldn't my air not oscillate between warm and cold?

Additionally, my refrigerant was low. After topping it off, the temperature cycling is worse: more time spent in the warm phase, and the cold phase not being as cold as it was before. Why would adding refrigerant make my A/C system less performant?

  • A clutchless compressor still regulates pressure. Not on and off but variable.
    – Jupiter
    Jul 10, 2022 at 20:14


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