I am looking for a Thule roof rack on second-hand online market places. As a roof rack has specific fitting kits that clamp on the roof of a specific car model I am looking for a way to determine the kit type that a seller is offering.

Thule uses numbers to identify different kits. I know what number I need, but I am looking for a way to derive the fitting kit number from the physical part itself, when no box or receipt is present and when the seller has no idea.

From the pictures online, all fitting kits look more or less the same to me, so I find it hard to distinguish them visually by shape or features.

Is the kit number printed/stamped/etched on the physical kit itself? If so, where?

  • Perhaps the Thule web site or a Thule dealer?
    – jwh20
    Commented May 3, 2022 at 11:08
  • Sorry if my question is not clear, but it's about identifying an existing physical fitting kit, which is not in my possession. While the Thule website has an elaborate part catalogue it does not describe how one should identify a part. As the part is not yet in my possession I cannot take it with me to the Thule dealer such that they can identify it. I was hoping someone would know how one can identify the part such that I could do that myself. Commented May 3, 2022 at 12:11
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    I think what @jwh20 might be suggesting is why don't you ask this question through the Thule web site. Whether their site is intuitive, they should be more than ready to give you the information you need. They want to sell parts so it only makes sense to support a potential customer. I'll bet if you look on their website, they'll have a means by which you can post or send an inquiry on the subject. They, bar far, are going to know more about it than we would. Commented May 3, 2022 at 16:09
  • I see. I've sent them an e-mail. If I get a useful reply I'll post it here. Commented May 3, 2022 at 16:43

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According to Thule customer service the pad and the metal clamp of the fitting kit have a number stamped on them as shown in below pictures:

Fitting stamped 469

Fitting stamped 328

A kit consists of a combination of pads and clamps, e.g. the 1648 kit contains:

  • 1170 clamp (4x)
  • 06 pad (2x)
  • 23 pad (1x)
  • 24 pad (1x)

If you know which kit number you need you can find what the kit consists of in the manuals. These are (amongst other locations) available on https://www.roofracks.co.uk/pdf/{kit-number}.pdf, e.g.: https://www.roofracks.co.uk/pdf/1648.pdf

Note that different kits re-use the same components, e.g. the 1170 clamp is used in both the 1648 kit and the 1691 kit. In case you are missing one or a few components only it's possible to obtain a kit for a different car, as long as it has the component you need.

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