I drive a 2000 pathfinder. A few weeks ago I grabbed a couple gallons of gas from a place down the street because it was late and my usual spot was closed. Since then its been rough starting up. I can hear the starter but it takes several clicks for the engine to actually turn.

It seemed to improve after I filled up from my usual place & drove a while. But, it still takes an extra second or two to start. I regularly go to the down-the-street place for a few gallons to hold me over but I've never had this issue before. I dont know if this matters but their truck was there to restock the station as I got my gas.

Calling mechanic today to make an appointment for new tires & oil change so I'll talk to him about it, but just wondered if anyone has any insight. I try not to go in blind. I think I'll get some fuel injector cleaner but it just seems strange that this happened so suddenly, right after I got gas at this place. When i tried to find info online i mostly just found issues with starting on a full tank, which is not my experience. The issue persists whether full or near empty. Battery was replaced maybe 1.5-2 yr ago. I think i had spark plugs done about 1 yr ago.

The place in question is an Exxon now but they changed hands several times in the past year or two and I don't recall if they were already Exxon when this occured. We all still call it Noco even though it hasn't been that for some time 😅 But it's not some sketchy place it's in the middle of a suburb and gets a decent amount of business. But I'm the only one in my circle that goes here with any frequency so I have no one to compare experience to.

If anyone has insight as to what might be causing this issue, please let me know! Am I crazy for thinking their gas mightve just been bottom of the barrel bunk that night? If thats the case, shouldn't it be improved by now since i filled up at my usual place? What else might I be missing?

  • It's hard to say but getting a batch of "dirty" gasoline is not unheard of. It can clog the fuel filter and cause problems starting and running smoothly. It's possible your 2000 had a dirty fuel filter to begin with and the latest batch just finished it off.
    – jwh20
    Mar 16, 2022 at 18:32
  • Getting gas at a gas station while a tanker is filling the tanks does make a difference. The fuel is stirring moisture and sediment in the tank. I've seen a few people have "bad gas" when a tanker is there. I always avoid it if there's a tanker present.
    – Jupiter
    Mar 16, 2022 at 20:25


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